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free jazz, nu jazz, electronic, experimental music, avant rock, harsh noise, noise, laptop, field effects
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C.O.M.A. live at the Edgetone New Music Summit 2008

"C.O.M.A. does with jazz what Kronos Quartet does with chamber music: they update and expand the tradition"
- Greggory Moore, Long Beach Culture

C.O.M.A. The California Outside Music Associates, is a collective of improvising musicians from central California dedicated to music of the moment. The collective performs throughout California in settings ranging from the duo to an octet, with dancers, visual artists and poets.

Founding members

John Vaughn: Saxophone, Percussion
John is a founding member of COMA. He is currently involved in a recording project with COMA and playing with as many creative people as possible. He has performed in groups ranging from concert and jazz bands, pit orchestras to improvisations groups of all types. He is often playing in Sacramento with the Gambari Arts Ensemble led by Adam Jenkins or at Old Ironsides with Ross Hammond and Tony Passerell. John is focused on making the central Valley of California into a friendly place for improvising and experimental musicians.

Dax Compise: Percussion
Dax Compise is one of the founding members of the California Outside Music Associates. He has performed throughout the region in settings ranging from the symphony, to blues and jazz groups, to fully improvised percussion ensembles. His command of the instrument and creativity has led to Dax being great demand as a sideman. Besides performing on a regular basis with COMA, he has forged a musical relationship with the improvisational community in Sacramento. Recordings with Ross Hammond and Tony Passerell are in the works.
COMA, photo by Greggory Moore
Collective members

Zach Silver is primarily a violinist, but also plays guitar, sings and compute. He is a school teacher in rural San Joaquin County. Zach has played and recorded with groups ranging from bluegrass to punk rock to experimental music in the Central Valley and the SF Bay Area. For the past year Zach has been a regular player in the Blackwater ensemble of improvisor's playing in the Yosemite Sound Series in Stockton California.

ZONE a.k.a. Jeffrey McFarland-Johnson: Electric Cello, Bass, Voice
Jeffrey is longtime musician associated with the Napa Valley of California. Performing in groups ranging from the Napa Symphony to the improvisational collective COMA, Jeffrey’s talents are in constant demand. With a background in classical music, Jeffrey’s improvisations are both innovative and clear in content. As a composition major in college the music is always intelligent and always new. His recent association with COMA has lifted his creativity and propelled the collective to a much higher level.

Brian Clark: Bass
Brian joined the collective in 2004. Brian work s regualrly throughout California perforing in numerous music ssettings. Brian is a graduate of the Conservatory at the University of the Pacific (UOP).