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free jazz, nu jazz, electronic, experimental music, avant rock, harsh noise, noise, laptop, field effects
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MOE!KESTRA  - Two Forms of Multitudes: Conducted Improvisations

Special Value
Buy Moe! Staiano's Moe!Kestra! Two Forms of Multitudes: Conducted Improvisations and Two Rooms of Uranium inside 83 Markers and get at an additional $4.00 off Buy Together Today: $22
MOE!KESTRA  - Two Forms of Multitudes: Conducted Improvisations Moe!Kestra, Two Rooms of Uranium inside 83 Markers

"... the music has a gripping drive." - François Couture All Music Guide

" these conductions have enough raw power to impress Arnold Schwarzengger but offer a more impressive message than the bodybuilder-politician."
- Ken Waxman Jazzweekly

" the different instruments, the control and the planning make this an exciting and enjoyable powerful journey. "- Jeremy Keens ampersand

"...Moe has developed his own style of conducting...
This CD is a testimony of two of his live shows."
- Marc 'the MEMORY Man' Urselli-Schaerer CHAIN D.L.K.

"Moe! must be someone with strong motivations and enormous drive to realize his ideas... my attention was captured throughout. - Frans de Waard VITAL WEEKLY

Moe!kestra! LIVE

Moe! Staiano's Moe!Kestra!
Two Forms of Multitudes:
Conducted Improvisations
CD $11

Two Forms of Multitudes, is an enormous mass of artists playing in a dissonant array of clusters, forming a wall of lyrical noise. "I have always enjoyed working with a large orchestra using multitudes of the same instrument. I love large sound or many players playing all at once in a massive frenzy. These shows were conducted improvisations, which evolved with my own style of cueing musicians; using hand cues, on the spot written notation, etc. Sometimes I include a set of prepared written notations. For the pieces presented here, I used a few notations and preparations that were identical for both shows. It was very interesting how different the results came out varying between the two, in spite of using the same notations.
Presenting the very same idea twice in two separate performances, with two almost completely different performing orchestras and having it come out differently altogether. It's always a surprise after doing a piece once and having a certain expectation for a performance the second time around, and then having the outcome be extremely different. In improvisation you take chances, not knowing what flaws, mistakes, or unexpected surprises may take place and the results can be either satisfying or a big mesh of noise (as is the case many times). Improvisation is about chance, taking risk and the mystery of what the outcome will be, unknowing of what the unexpected turns out. It's about breaking down your expectations and being open to what is in the moment. These are two examples of those heated results."
­Moe! Staiano April 2003

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Musicians for Piece No. 5 Recorded live at the Oakland Metro, Oakland, CA, 21st November, 2002.
Recorded by Michael Zelner/ZOKA:

Soprano saxophone: Phillip Greenlief
Alto saxophone: Michael Zelner
Tenor saxophone: Alan Anzalone, Henry Kuntz, Michael Cooke
Clarinet: Jason Ditzian
Trumpet: Tom Djll, Freddi Price, Matt Volla
Trombone: Jennifer Baker
Violin: Jeff Hobbs, Joan Ling-Zwissler
Viola: Cheryl E. Leonard, Jorge Boehringer
Contrabass: Bobby Todd
Electric guitar: Matt Lebofsky, Alwyn Quebido
Electric bass: Peter Conheim
Theremin: Robert Silverman
Drums: Tyler Cox
Electronic drum pad: Thomas Scandura
Percussion, all-sorts: Michael Guarino, Suki O'Kane, Ali Tabatabai,
Peter Valsamis, Phil Williams,
William Winant
Conductor, percussion: Moe! Staiano

Musicians for Piece No. 4 Recorded live for radio broadcast on KFJC, 89.7 FM from the
Hall at Foothill College,
Los Altos Hills, CA, 13th April, 2002.
Live recording by Jeff Wilson for KFJC:

Saxophone: Alan Anzalone, Michael Zelner (+Clarinet), Rent Romus, Colin Stetson
Clarinet: Richard E. Barber, Matt Ingalls
Recorder: Tom Bickley
Flute: Erica Fallin
Violin: Jeff Hobbs
Viola: Cheryl E. Leonard
Cello: Merlin Coleman, Bob Marsh
Electric guitar: Michael de la Cuesta,
Eli Good, Sue Hutchinson, Alwyn Quebido, Rick Rees
Electric acoustic guitar: Ernesto Diaz-Infante
Electric bass: Tom Corboline, Jonathan Segel
Theremin: Robert Silverman
Piano: Scott R. Looney
Drums: Tyler Cox , Mat Kolenmainen, Thomas Scandura, Chris Sipe
Percussion, all sorts: Tim Bolling, Michael Guarino, Suki O'Kane, Garth Powell
Voice: Jesse Quattro
Conductor: Moe! Staiano
+ Hand claps from most members of the orchestra